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Patient Testimonials

“My name is Leslie G. and I am a patient of Dr. Chip Studley. I have seen Dr. Studley for over the course of 4 years. In March 2009 I began to experience horrible pain down my leg and into my toes, increased numbness as well. I was barely walking, but Dr. Studley worked with me with adjustments and kept me walking and functioning. I had lower back surgery in 1997, partial removal of disc between L4-L5 and believed that the disc had slipped further onto the nerve again. MRI showed scar tissue, not disc pressure.

Dr. Studley and I discussed the decompression machine as an option to relieve the nerve pain. I was hesitant given my bad experience with traction before my surgery. In the fall of 2009, I had my first of 12 sessions on the machine. The first result was more pain and I told him no way am I getting back on the machine. Well, needless to say, Dr. Studley talked with  me and convinced me to work through the initial pain and try again. Wow, after 11 sessions now, my leg and toe pain in gone! I have also regained feeling in the back of my knee and toes! This machine is the best thing for me!!! I have one more session to go and then will work with Dr. Studley on a maintenance program to remain healthy and feeling great! My mental health has vastly improved and I can now live without agonizing pain every hour! Thanks Dr. Studley!!!”

– Leslie G (Sacramento, CA)

“I truly do appreciate all you have done for me. My life has taken a complete 180 and i couldn’t be happier. Thank you for all that you do!

I am 26 years old.   I found that a portion of my neck was strongly out of alignment which in a sense gave me hope that this could possibly be part of the reason I had been suffering from this disorder. I was referred then to Dr. Chip Studley and began my care in September of 2009.  Dr. Studley was very helpful and understanding throughout my treatment. His concern in my treatment plan was tremendous and still is. I still see Dr. Studley to ensure my body is healthy and that I will not suffer a relapse.  My neck is holding all my adjustments very well after my continued care and I couldn’t be happier.  There was truly a time in my life that I was terrified that I would have to deal with this disorder forever. I cannot say thank you enough to Dr. Studley.”

– Katherine Y. (Orangevale, CA)

“I like the location and look of your office.  The reception area is comfortable, good variety of magazines, nice music.  I like the changing art work on the walls.  The treatment rooms are comfortable and private.  The therapy room is also very comfortable with up to date equipment. 

I appreciate that Dr. Studley takes the time necessary to work with me in addressing the neck and lower back pain issues that bother me periodically.  I never feel rushed or that I’m just another patient.  His treatment goes well beyond the usual “chiropractic adjustment” I’ve experienced with other doctors.  I highly recommend Dr. Studley as a thorough, dedicated, and focused partner in managing your pain issues.”

– AI R. (Sacramento, CA)

“Hi Dr. Studley.  As a patient, I appreciate that you are continuing to strive for excellence with the practice.

From day one, when I walk thru your front door, the hustle and bustle of the streets disappears.  Your receptionist always has a positive attitude and a smile and that is very important.  She also makes sure each client whether on the phone or walk ins feels important.  Remembering people’s names is the icing on the cake.  And what can I say about you Dr. Chip.  You always go above and beyond.  Don’t change a thing :)  Thank you.”

– Meg S. (West Sacramento, CA)

“Dr. Studley is very knowledgeable, friendly, cheerful, personable, and very proactive. He enjoys being a chiropractor and it shows. Dr. Studley encouraged me to get an MRI on my right shoulder and sure enough, he was correct. The MRI revealed that I had several problems with my shoulder. I feel very lucky to have Dr. Studley as my doctor.

I am really happy and love your office and am glad you are my doc. :) Your receptionist is great and I am glad that you guys have reliable staff that is always there and very helpful. I am glad that you guys are able to take appts. during the typical lunch hour. Sometimes it’s difficult to get up early and make a morning appt. so thank you for that.”

– Rebecca V. (Sacramento, CA)

“Studley Chiropractic staff is by far the friendliest group of people that you can find anywhere. I first started receiving treatment from Dr.Studley hoping that it would help prevent injuries and allow me to continue training clients and being competitive in my Mixed Martial Arts training and it worked wonderfully to help me recover and keep up a high volume schedule. After my experience with Studley Chiropractic, I recommended all my clients, family, and friends to Dr. Chip Studley. It really changed my life!”

– John R. (Natomas, CA)

“Maybe because I can’t pry the phone away between my ears and shoulder.  Or, perhaps I favor sleeping on my side….I often get very bad headaches.  Since, I’ve been getting my treatment from Dr. Studley, my headaches had gone away.  I feel getting rid of the pain is just the beginning but the on-going maintenance treatment is the key to a pain free lifestyle.  I enjoy my treatments and my visit to their office because it’s a pleasant environment and helpful and caring staff.”

– Ophelia R. (Sacramento, CA)

Dear Dr Studley,

Happy New Year! I just wanted to give you an update on my surgery and how I’m doing. I’m actually doing really well! I think I’m over the worst of it! The first few weeks were very rough as I’m sure you know. But everything is healing nicely and I’m not in much pain anymore. I’m not even taking any meds anymore!

My pre-surgery pain seems to be gone and I just have minimal pain at my fusion site (I think I told you they did a multi-level TLIF L4-S1), my bone graft site (you were so right about that…it did hurt there more than my fusion site at times) and I have residual nerve issues down my right leg. But that’s more annoying than painful.

However, my radial nerve was damaged during surgery so I’ve lost the use of my left hand about 70%. So not only am I in a back brace but I’m in a matching sling as well! Haha! They are hopeful it will get better but I’m getting an EMG when I go to my 8 week post-op appt.

I’ve joined a spondy support group like your other patient recommended and it has been so helpful! I just really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help. I know I keep telling you that but I really wouldn’t be where I am if you didn’t send me for those x-rays. You were the only doctor to really explain to me what was wrong. I never knew how serious this was. I probably should’ve had surgery back in 2005 when my second x-Ray showed I was a grade 2. I was almost a grade 4 (a grade 3 is a slippage of 18-24mm and my slippage was almost 23mm) by the time of my surgery and like I told you, they were only able to realign me slightly.

So I am so grateful to you and will keep referring people to you because you’re amazing at what you do. So thank you again. But thank you just really doesn’t seem to cover it. I feel like you saved my life in a sense. But thank you! I do hope to see you soon but until then, take

– Erika